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Create your first worlds for FREE. Nothing to install, everything runs in the browser, no plugins required. It’s easy, build up your world using a simple “block” based interface.

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Virtual World

Some of the things we’re trying to do

There are a few key things we are trying to achieve with Virtual World 3d


We want to put as few barriers as possible in the way of World creators and World visitors. That’s why Virtual World 3d runs in the browser on Desktop and Mobile with no plugins required.


We are commited to creating a user interface which makes it as easy as possible to create the worlds of your imagination, with a simple block based interface.


We want it to be as easy as possible to share your creations. Every world has its own web address, sharing a world is as easy as sharing an address. Remember, nothing to install!


Everyone is busy, nobody wants to wait. That’s why we’ve embraced the latest browser technologies, including WebGL and WebAssembly to get worlds to load almost instantaneously and with high frame rates.


Use the simple interface to load in your own pictures and map them into frames and shapes. Imagine creating an art gallery of your photos and artwork.


We’re working on an interface for creating block based Avatar’s, when we do you’ll be able to meet your friends in youur new world.

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Latest News

We’re working hard. Here’s some updates about what we’re up to:

Gamepad Controller Support

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added experimental Gamepad support.  So far we’ve done most of out testing with XBox 360 wired controllers and it works really well (others[…]

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New Features – Flight and pointer locking

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just added some much requested features: Flight – You can now toggle between fly and walk modes using the “Y” key, once selected you[…]

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Preview of new Terrain Engine

We’ve been working and hard and today we’re excited to announce a very early preview of our new Terrain engine, hope you’ll agree it looks great. It’s is going to[…]

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