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Gamepad Controller Support

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added experimental Gamepad support.  So far we’ve done most of out testing with XBox 360 wired controllers and it works really well (others should work too)! Give it a go, just plug in your controller, go to the world and move the controller to start.  Updates soon with…
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New Features – Flight and pointer locking

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just added some much requested features: Flight – You can now toggle between fly and walk modes using the “Y” key, once selected you can use “R” and “F” to go up and down respectively.  It’s now much quicker to get around and build in those really awkward to…
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Preview of new Terrain Engine

We’ve been working and hard and today we’re excited to announce a very early preview of our new Terrain engine, hope you’ll agree it looks great. It’s is going to be highly configurable and you’ll be able to easily create lots of different terrain types.  The one in the demo has rugged rolling hills. Keep…
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Virtual World 3d Controls

Most of the features on Virtual World 3d can be controlled using the on-screen buttons and by dragging.  There are also keyboard short-cuts. Controls summary: Basic Controls Editing Controls Try the demo now

Early Preview of Virtual World 3d

An early preview of “Virtual World 3d” is now available for testing.  This is the first release of any kind and has the following key features: Runs completely in the browser. Fast world load times and good frame rates. Each user can create two Free worlds. Ambient lighting – if you go indoors it gets…
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Moving “VirtualWorld3d” from pure JavaScript to WebAssembly

Introduction The aim of “VirtualWorld3d” is simple – to make it easy for users in interact in a 3d environment on the web.  We want to make it easy for people to create their own 3d worlds using a simple block based interface (think “Lego” / “Minecraft”).  We want the worlds to be accessible from…
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