Early Preview of Virtual World 3d

Build your world. Invite your friends.

Early Preview of Virtual World 3d

An early preview of “Virtual World 3d” is now available for testing.  This is the first release of any kind and has the following key features:

  • Runs completely in the browser.
  • Fast world load times and good frame rates.
  • Each user can create two Free worlds.
  • Ambient lighting – if you go indoors it gets darker.
  • Transparency and glowing object support.
  • Easy block based building – simple blocks at the moment, cubes, steps, slopes and pictures.
  • A simple onscreen palette to make block switching easy.
  • Move using onscreen buttons and by dragging.  Also keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can load your own textures.  it is easy to create a 3d art gallery for instance.
  • You can create user blocks which have your own textures on them.
  • Some basic security controls to stop unauthorised access to world.
  • Some control over sky colours.
  • Full-screen mode.

Try the demo now

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